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When we first arrived in NY we didn’t think much of the food. It was generally difficult to find places to eat and after a week we were getting pretty sick of eating rubbish all the time. Luckily after we met up with Brendt Barbur from the BFF (Bicycle Film Festival) we had a bit of local knowledge in terms of the best place to eat. Brendt was very proud of the NY’s restaurants and claims them to be the best in the world. I have to admit we did eat some amazing food with him and his friends even though it was all vegetarian. The first night we went out he took us to a traditional polish restaurant. One of my favorites was this pizza place in Greenwich Village where you could get film star pizzas like the Newman from Seinfeld. Sounds tacky but they were amazing.




Some chinese we got on the first night was pretty decent.


The street vendors on every corner were a bit hit and miss. We had some good food from one in SOHO but most of the ones around the city were not so great. The good thing is that you can still get food at 3 in the morning as they are up all night. You can generally tell the ones that will be better as they had either two or three people working on the cart. There was usually a bit of a line to wait at the better ones as well.


New York pieces of pizza are so massive. Brent got us to collect some whole pizzas for the Bicycle Film Festival Office while we were watching the submissions. The boxes were almost too big to carry.






When we were staying in the Ghetto in Brooklyn we hit up the local Chinese takeaway.

Lucky Chan’s was decent but a bit intimidating. You has to pass money and food through a window. I guess they along with the other shops in the area were pretty sick of being held up.



Brendt’s friend took a photo of this pie it did look pretty amazing.


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