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Ann Hamilton instillation in the foyer of the Guggenheim. Book pieces zoom down a wire that travels down the spiral of the levels. The books set off Tibetan bells on the way down making chiming sounds and creating a pile of book scraps at the bottom.


Tehching Hsieh’s one year performance from 1980-1981. Hsieh took a photo and punched his time card on the hour 24hours a day for 365 days a year. I think he only missed about 80 because he overslept. The instillation was really powerful and at MOMA we also saw the cell that he stayed in for the duration of the project. Hsieh’s other performance pieces included spending a year attached to another artist photographer on a 5m rope but not being allowed to touch each other for the year. Another year long project was spent completely without art. Hsieh was not allowed to visit any exhibitions read or make any art at all.





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